who we are

Every day we come to work and think “Today’s the day they’re going to catch me out!” because when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work. When you get to come up with ideas and be creative all day long, honestly, it feels like a massive skive!

We know how lucky we are, but we also know that it’s our love for what we do that makes us successful. It’s what drives us to achieve bigger and better results for our clients. It’s the reason every member of our team has won multiple advertising and radio awards. It’s why we’ve been sought out by 5 of the UK and Ireland’s biggest radio groups. It’s also why the vast majority of our business comes from returning customers and word of mouth referrals.

Better ideas and better results for less money is what every customer wants, and that’s what WriteSound delivers in spades.

Where we came from

Both our founders, Gareth and Rachael, started working as in house Radio Creatives in 2003. They met in 2008 while working for GMG Radio and realised that, as a team, they were pretty much unbeatable! In 2014 a huge merger and divestment of radio stations took place in the UK radio market that threatened to send them in different directions. Instead they launched WriteSound. Starting from scratch they took all the positives they had encountered while working ‘in house’ but stripped away the negatives; meaning you can access the highest level of expertise from a truly independent company while enjoying a much better price and exceptional customer service.

who we've worked with

We've worked with hundreds of fantastic businesses, from SME's to Global Corporations. Here are just a handful of them...

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